My Name is Kay This is The Life

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UK heavy prog act, Life, are another act whose history is shrouded in total mystery. This is particularly odd since their sole album was released by Polydor Records in 1974, but sadly there’s nothing I can tell you about the band’s accomplishments or their post-breakup activities.

Upon first hearing this fantastic album, distinct shades of Uriah Heep come bursting forth and persist throughout each of the tracks here. In fact, their influence is so prevalent here that it can sometimes be daunting to figure out Life’s true creative viewpoint. Taking Heep as a starting point, the band also brings other styles into the mix that each point to some of rock’s biggest names. Whether it is just certain instruments, writing styles or entire songs, bands like ELP, Santana, Argent & Kansas (minus violin) all come to mind at certain points on this record. One must acknowledge this overbearing nod to other artists when evaluating Life’s writing and perfoming talents. If you can get past the derivative nature of the music, the songs themselves are all well written and dripping with hooks. This is very well done prog influenced hard rock.

Collectors drop good money to snag this album and surprisingly no label has opted to do a reissue. To remedy that problem, enjoy this good vinyl rip and indulge yourself in one of England’s most overlooked classic acts.

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