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t has always been making music. he has always been writing music, as well. given the opportunity to learn to play the piano from earliest childhood on, he decided to learn the guitar as well at the age of 12. because of the girls, of course. when a few friends of his, long-time guitar hero lothar hilgers (14), newly-designed singer peter niederpruem (15), bass-player-to-be stefan hilgers (14) and drummer stefan wagner (15) decided to line up as a band, t joined as keyboarder and rhythm guitarist. however, due to musical differences this line-up of “The Rubbish” was - though critically acclaimed as hell (by almost all the girls of the 9a AND 9b!) - only short-lived. that is nicer than saying it right: t was opted out because of his tendency to be too, quote, “productive, creative and constructive” at rehearsals. he sure was a pain in the ass, back then.
at the age of 14 he decided to enter his first real band “backyard”, formed by frederik schlenk, marius boeffgen and yours truely. to get in, he simply lied and said that he, of course, was a bass player as well. though the other boys were 18 already at that time, they decided to invite him for some rehearsals, because in the eifel there were no bass players whatsoever at that time that met their needs. t managed to get his mother to get him a bass guitar until the next day (which he still fondly plays, an aria 4string with great cure-like power), and then got the job, not least because of a lack of alternatives.

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